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Avoid these 7 things during your sports

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

Every workout and training session without a professional help can lead to a mistakes and later injuries. But by avoiding these 7 things during your workout will help you save your body from injuries:

1. Using an antiperspirant.

Most of us know that sweat removes toxins from our body and if we do not sweat, it can poison our bodies because of toxin accumulation. If you are using antiperspirants you block the natural sweating and it can lead to bad things. That's why better take a shower more often and use less of antiperspirants.

2. Do not have a special clothing.

Remember that you can not take an old T-shirt or shorts, that you trained with during the school lesson of physical education. Sometimes also pure cotton clothes can be not recommended, because such clothing absorbs sweat very quickly and then it sticks to the body, blocking natural skin breathing process.

3. Running on the asphalt.

Asphalt is the surface that can not absorb shocks during running. At least, running on the asphalt can end with a flat feet and trauma to the spine or knee joints. Better run in the park or forest, where is a grass or sand.

4. Go in for sports tired.

If you feel that you have not enough strength or energy for anything, or you had not enough sleep, it is better skip a training or make a stretching session. Going to a sport physically tired will not bring you any good results, but will only increase the release of cortisol into the blood - a stress hormone. Just remember to know the difference between physical and emotional tiredness. During emotional tiredness, it is recommended to have a physical activity.

5. Do not drink water.

Do not wait, when you will want to drink! Water during training is extremely necessary. And, as a rule, when we feel thirsty, the body is already dehydrated. Physiologists insist that during training, a person should drink 2-3 sips every 20 minutes.

6. Run along the highway.

Running speeds up our metabolism, and, accordingly, increases breathing. And breathing in polluted air from car exhaust gases is not the best decision.

7. Distractions.

Distracted by all sorts of conversations during your training, your brain is distracted too. Therefore, focusing on the work of muscles will increase the effectiveness of training.



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