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Congratulations! Here is your Healthy Plan with a Bonus inside...

Thanks for grabbing your Healthy Plan! Don't miss the special offer below...


End the struggle to make your belly skin tight after a childbirth. Recommendations and examples of exercises and diet will make your stomach flat just in 15 minutes a day. Time to live healthy life. Life that is full of energy for a people you love. 

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Get A Personal Training And Consultation Today!


Training sessions are available to book on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

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The only way to be sure about your future results
Have you ever been frustrated about the look of your body?

Time to trust the experts and make your body better than ever before. Yes, woman after a childbirth need a special approach of exercises and training, there is no way to make a mistakes and waste your time. Easy weight loss, tight belly skin and flat stomach are real. Everything you need to do is to book a session of a Personal Training for special price. We care about your health, look and well-being, but do that care to you?
Book a session just for 10 DKK

Why Do You Need To Have A Personal Trainer?

"I will train with a Personal Trainer from Kūno Kalviai"
  1. You have a clear path from A to your End Point and Dream Body.
  2. You feel safe and supported, both by training in a gym and home.
  3. You feel yourself very important, because you have a Personal trainer, when other do not.
  4. You save your time and reach a goal 2-3 time faster than others.
  5. You have high motivation and full support during your travel from A to the Dream Body.
  6. Probability of getting an injury is very low.
  7. You progress everyday. Even if your progression stops, we will solve the problem.
  8. You will get a personalized diet plan, which is 80% of your success to a Dream Body.
"I will train by myself"
  1. Your path is unclear, you waste a lot of time on things that do not work, by trying them by yourself. As a result, you do not get your final results and you lose your motivation.
  2. You feel lonely and lost. You do not know how you should start and where to go.
  3. You are like anyone else trying to reach their goals blindfolded.
  4. You waste a lot of time, because you need to think what to do, you need to search exercises, diet etc.
  5. Your motivation is like a waving sea. One time you are ready to train, another time you are lazy and want to stay at home.
  6. You have very high probability of getting an injury especially of your spine, joints or muscles.
  7. After the first results you will not progress anymore. 
  8. Experimentations with a diet and nutrition lead to anorexic or bulimic results. 

Not sure if it works?

Just look at what our clients have to say!


It's fun to work with Konrad - he always comments, encourages, explains what I do well and what I do not. It's easy to get used to personalized workout and diet plans. What is more, he always finds a way out of different situations. And the most important - there is no workout without laughing (it also strengthens the ABS!) We are both working out - I, and he even more so.
Thank you!


He not only became my coach, but also a friend, psychologist, motivator. He gives all 100% of himself and gives a lot of personal support. Thanks to him, I managed to get rid of 5kg per month. Thanks to him, I changed my life and nutrition habits. My journey is still unfinished, there  is a lot to improve, but the coolest trainer is helping me !!! Thank you very much !!!!


I am very pleased with the diet and workout plans I received. They met all my expectations. In case of any question Konrad clearly sets everything out and repeats several times. The plans are made comprehensibly. There are a lot of videos. What I liked the most are all the plans that track my progress, praise and motivate me, it's a great help!

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